That’s Just How it is Sometimes

Work-wise, it’s just one of those days.

I’m typing the words, but what’s coming out is nothing to flaunt.  Every letter is a struggle.  The thoughts in my head (yes, there are some) are swirling around like a…well, I dunno.  Like a fast, windy, spinny thing.  How’s that?  Kind of makes my point.  You couldn’t get a creative, coherent, well constructed sentence out of me today with thumbscrews.

Exhibit A:  You’re reading it.

Well, fine.  I’m not going to lose sleep over it.  It’s a little after noon so that won’t happen until later tonight.

Got a review today:  “Although I found it a touch predictable, the author’s excellent observations on the effect of loss and understanding of human behavior are the real strengths of this piece. It certainly chimed with me. And this story is a great vehicle for delivering it.  4.5 stars.”  Great, right?  Not today.  All that resonates with me is the word “predictable.”

Upside?  As awful as I am today, I apparently have a few shining moments, too.  If you can relate to the struggle, you should keep that in mind, as well.  Like I said, just one of those days.  We all have ’em.

The good news is these kinds of issues are few and far between and usually pass quickly.  Sometimes the same day.  In the meantime, I’ve got a bit of catching up to do on other things.  Vacuum the sock drawer, shampoo the cat, and design the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.  Or maybe there are some interesting posts to catch up on my reader.  I could use a little diversion today.

The cat would certainly appreciate it.


Follow me if you must.  But if you do, whatever life decisions you’ve made to date that have misled you into thinking that is a bright idea could probably use a good going-over.

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