Blender Doughnuts!

My take on the fantastic Blender Doughnut tutorial.  I call it “Genuine Blender Doughnut with Default Cube Sprinkles and a Limited Edition Suzanne Coffee Cup.”  (If you know blender, that will all make sense.  Sort of.)

If you’re a 3D artist who uses Blender, very early on in your illustrious career you have no doubt taken a stab at Blender Guru’s Beginner Doughnut Tutorial.

The real genius behind the tutorial is not just the finished product, but the amount of vital tools and resources it teaches along the way.  While I had fun creating my version of the doughnut, I find myself referring back to the tutorial while working on new projects all the time.  The more experience you gain by creating your own works, the more you realize how important the fundamentals presented in the tutorial really are.

Computer modeling is a fantastic creative outlet and a very rewarding experience.  For someone like me who imagines great pieces of art but can’t draw a stick figure on paper, Blender is exactly what I didn’t realize I was looking for!

You can check out my growing portfolio on my ArtStation page here.

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