The Crossing

Abigail has lived through some difficult events in her life.  First her sister dies in a tragic sailing accident.  Years later her mother, never able to cope with the loss, commits suicide.  Her best friend in college is killed in a car accident, and then her father dies from a heart attack.

It is then that Abigail discovers an unsettling coincidence.  Not only does someone die once every seven years, but Abigail has a “special” gift, one which allows her to know the thoughts and feelings of her loved ones as they are dying.

It’s seven years later and Abigail is dreading the inevitable.  Who will be next?  Her husband?  Her children?  In The Crossing, Abigail must face her biggest fears by becoming an unwilling student of what really happens to us when we die.

The Crossing will be available from a major publication soon.

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