The Crossing

Abigail has a special “gift.”  One which allows her to know the thoughts and feelings of her loved ones as they are dying.

When her sister dies in a tragic sailing accident, Abigail feels what it is like to drown.  Years later she experiences a similar horror when her mother, never able to cope with the loss of her daughter, commits suicide.  It happens when her best friend is killed in a car accident, and again when her father dies from a heart attack.

Seven years have passed and Abigail is dreading the inevitable.  Who will be next – her husband?  Her children?  Worse, will she have to suffer along with them if her premonitions are true?

In The Crossing, Abigail must face her biggest fears.  And become an unwilling student of what really happens to us all as we die.

The Crossing will be available from a major publication soon.