Fiction Update: The Innocent Sink

Just a quick reminder that The Innocent Sink is now available over at Coffin Bell Journal, Volume 2, Issue 1.  If you haven’t given it or the other fantastic works of dark fiction found in their latest issue a read yet, what are you waiting for?

Last year was a peculiar one on all fronts for me.  Sometimes it goes that way.  From the writing standpoint, however, there were an awful lot of highlights.  Near the top of that list was when I got an acceptance for The Innocent Sink.  Not just with any publication, mind you, but from Coffin Bell specifically.  Like I said, sometimes it goes that way.

Coffin Bell is a relatively new publication, but the quality of fiction is superb.  The fact that the masthead has been steadily growing should tell you something.  I am honored to have my name included on their contributor list.  Knowing your work meets a high standard is both gratifying and humbling at the same time.  If dark horror is your thing, you really need to check them out.

On another front, my new office is fantastic – exactly the kind of environment I envisioned when this year’s goals and deadlines were drawn up late last year.  A change of scenery always does wonders, doesn’t it?  I’m looking forward to another productive year and am excited to see how 2019 unfolds for us all!

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