New Artwork!

Gazebo Final
The Pool House at Dusk

Another weekend lost to Blender.

This is the first time I really pushed myself toward creating a more complex, photo-realistic scene, with several objects and a ton of material work.  The final image you see is the accumulation of everything I’ve learned about Blender (and 3D rendering in general) over the last two months.

Turned out pretty good, no?

I really enjoyed putting this one together.  It’s very satisfying when the final product sort of looks like it could be kinda close to almost nearly appearing to be something that vaguely but not entirely resembles a photograph.  (Or something.)  I’m sure there are plenty of tweaks and oversights to contend with, but it’s a good feeling to know I’m making progress.

I also made my first animation a couple of weeks ago.  Just never got around to posting it here.

I wanted to include a sound track, but you wouldn’t believe how many different clips of fountains I listened to when looking for a match.  Turns out that audio can actually sound “too big” or “too small” and so I never really found the Goldilocks fountain audio for this one.

Well, that’s a wrap on this one.  You can keep up to date on new projects as they get posted over on my ArtStation, Instagram, or Twitter pages.  Or subscribe to my website (for a limited time: half off the already low and somewhat reasonable price of $0.00) and keep everything in one place.  Life is all about making choices, right?  Anyway, my portfolio is growing…and hopefully improving…every week.

Thanks for stopping by!

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