Catch Light Interactive, LLC

Our first logo. Fancy!

Hi there!

Been a while, I know. But there’s a good reason.

A couple of years ago, I discovered an affinity for telling stories through video games. It’s a wonderful way for me to not only continue to write fiction, but to show it as well. Combining my love of fiction with my love of creating 3D art resulted in a significant career change in my life.

Hey, it’s never too late!

I’d like to introduce you to Catch Light Interactive, LLC, an indie development studio I co-founded with a business partner from Norway. We are (and have been!) extremely busy creating our debut title, Project: New Light City, and all of the to-do’s you have to check while running a successful business.

Oh, and we’re making a little noise, too.

For starters, we’ve been featured in a three part series on Gamedev.TV, the world’s most popular resource for online learning in the game development industry. The series is aimed at people who are considering a career in the industry, specifically those who want to run their own show. It was an honor to be invited to contribute, especially given my love for inspiring careers.

We also have a Steam Store page for Project: New Light City. This is a big step for any studio, and we’re proud of the accomplishment.

We’ve even made arrangements to have the company logo put on the moon. No doubt a first for an indie studio. What else would you expect from yours truly?

The site you’re on now is my personal website, created to give me a place to ramble on (mostly to myself) about…well, whatever. Since CLI was founded, every ounce of time (does time really come in ounces???) has been dedicated the studio, the amazing people we’ve brought on board, and the vision we have for Project: New Light City.

I’ll try to drop by now and again, but if you’re interested in what’s been going on, the game development industry in general, or just are into a cool psychological thriller, you can find us here:

CLI’s Twitter Page

CLI’s Instagram

CLI’s Community Discord

CLI’s YouTube Channel

CLI’s Official Website

Thanks for reading, see you there!


New Story, Same Old Story

Well, I’ve done it again. After countless rewrites and having received a blessing from my professional, often angry beta reading group, I have once again released a little white dove of fiction into the skies of a cruel, cruel world. You’re own your own now, buddy, best of luck. Gonna need it out there.

I suppose my process is the same as any other author. When a story is finished, or at least as finished as it’s going to be, I choose the top five publications that I think would be the best fit for it. It usually depends on the genre, the theme, and the reach of the publication. I especially like the ones that are picky and have intimidating submission guidelines. Because when they respond with a ‘yes’, you know your story will be in good company. I then spend the next twenty minutes formatting to the guidelines, writing brief introductions, and trying to thwart off my brain from finally convincing me of what a horrid writer I really am. It’s a fun life.

But my website isn’t about the follies of a writer. You can read that almost anywhere else, so I’d rather stick to what this website was meant to be. Namely, a place to post those silly little articles that I write to give myself a distraction from what I consider my “serious” work. They’re nonsense, I know. But fun to write and, hopefully, fun to read. They keep my fiction fresh and my fingers moving. If they entertain anyone to boot, that’s just a bonus.  (If this is the first post of mine you’ve ever read, have a look around, won’t you?  They get better, if by ‘better’ you mean different than this one.)

I don’t know what the proper percentage of likes-to-impressions (or it is impressions-to-likes?) ratio is on WordPress. In advertising, I know ten percent is a nice place to be. Same with YouTube, I think. But for a blog, I have no idea. My website is new, so I don’t get a lot of views yet. I guess that takes time. The good news, however, is that I have 5 likes on the articles from a pool of around 10 total views. (The other 150 views are me trying to fix mistakes and don’t really count.) Based on my advanced mathematical calculation abilities, that means half of the readers, who by some small miracle have mistakenly landed on my website, have poor taste in literature and a background devoid of culture. And, as I tell myself while stressing over the data, the other half probably meant to click like and just forgot. Probably too awestruck by what they read.

Suffice to say, I probably need to do something about the number of readers that come here. I think my best bet will be to start advertising it. Not pay for spots, but rather make sure it gets mentioned in the byline of every piece someone else publishes from now on. Missed opportunities, there. But, as I tell my children, the only problems you really have in life are the ones you do nothing about. As far as I can tell, that little number has fallen on deaf ears. But we’ve got time yet.

I should also make sure I don’t insult the people who click like on my articles, huh? I believe that those who appreciate humor are most likely to have a sense of one. So rather take offense, they probably chuckled at the slight. I hope.

And, of course, the word ‘hope’ brings me back to my little white dove. Surely one of my top five will pick it up. And, no, I won’t tell you which ones so I don’t look like a complete ass if they don’t. But rest assured, as soon as it gets picked up, I’ll be sure to post the good news here. Maybe even Twitter.

(That last line was just a way for me to easily segue into promoting my Twitter handle – /paulkardos Tricky, right?)

For the rest, don’t fret. More nonsense to come again next week. Until then, feel free to click ‘like’ below. Makes me feel better.

I have faith in you. You can do this!


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